Master Plan, Centenary City, Abuja

Synchronising the demands of today’s modern society with a vision for a city where the needs and expectations of a rapidly growing society are future-proofed,  an endearing legacy for the planned Centenary Celebrations marking 100yrs of an independent Nigeria, envisioned a mixed-use world-class Smart City where private funding in partnership with the Nigerian government funding, would spearhead the development on 1000 hectares connecting the capital of Abuja to the airport. 

Social inclusion, diversity, ease of access to infrastructure, sustainable & responsible resource management and the preservation of key natural environmental features,  underpin the proposed new masterplan showcasing Nigeria’s confident vision of a modern city for the future. 

Key architectural landmarks aimed at preserving the political history and showcase the cultural and economic development of Africa,  are features of the new city.



Client: Private Client
Status: Proposal
Location: Nigeria
Principal: Greg Wright
Date: 2013