Cultural Museum, Nigeria

One of several flagship projects undertaken for the Centenary Celebrations marking 100 years of independence for Nigeria’s Federal Capital Abuja’s new Centenary City, envisioned a cultural museum that celebrates each of Nigeria’s 6 geopolitical zones under a single unified nation. 

Diversity and Unity were central to the concept where the ‘Calabash’ – unique to the Western African itself a symbol of life,  identified geopolitical states that are unified around the Plaza of Light whilst remaining freely accessible to all. 

Water is the base upon which each of the Calabash’s rest,  symbolic of the many rivers that serve and connect Nigeria providing a unifying element to the design.

Nigeria’s rich cultural legacy is acknowledged,  where art, drama, musical performance events are showcased for the public to enjoy.



Client: Private Client
Status: Proposal
Location: Nigeria
Principal: Greg Wright
Architects: Fico Pastor, Hermien Greef
Renders: Corne Van Blatt
Date: 2014

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