One of the oldest landmark homes in Greyton dating back to 1856 was home to the founders of Greyton, Herbert Vigne and is now the home of Alistair + Tabatha King and their young daughter Indie-Violet.
The home has largely been untouched since the last alterations were undertaken in the mid-1980s
Alistair’s passion for cooking and their social life with friends and family, the idea of replacing the old kitchen with a new kitchen space had been on the cards for some time. 
The decision rested on how best this could be done to resonate with their lifestyle needs and be sympathetic to the original house.
The idea of an alteration to the old house that in some way was sympathetic to the heritage of the old house by not attempting to mimic or echo the language of the older building in any way, gave rise to the bold, controversial idea of creating a simple glass box.
The glass box in itself dissolves materially, whilst reflecting the old house in its surrounding landscape, the expansive garden, and the sunsets whilst equally containing the external experience of being in the garden within the seamless glass walls.  
The marriage of the new and old occurs where the new addition touches the old original house, and where homage is paid to the old mud bricks used for the original fireplace that was accidentally exposed, and now “framed”, together with the use of older traditional materials. 



Client: Private
Status: Complete
Location: Western Cape, Greyton
Principal: Greg Wright
Architects: Gert Coetzee + Simon Abrahams
Date: 2021

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