Eco_Modular Prefab Homes

A design opportunity in efficiency for a development revealed housing types that offer considerable cost benefits with a modular kit form of construction.Design and desirability drove the outcome , where a 1 bedroom unit of 46m2 was achieved and 2 bedroom units between 59m2 and 64m2 for 2 bathroom unit.Building processes would ensure speed and efficiency of erection, with soft environmental impact in the selection of eco-sustainable materials vs. relying on conventional building materials and construction process.Most of the construction work would be done off-site , where a kit of parts is prefabricated based on modularity , before shipping to site for final erection. All internal fittings/ fixture are selected beforehand , ensuring all services are integrated during the pre-fabrication phase.All built-in items are designed with the overall design intent in mind to ensure homogeneity in the final product. Furniture too would be designed to work efficiently within the spaces with storage space integrated into the furniture , and available to the prospective owners , ensuring further advantages of cost savings and efficiencies in lifestyle .All units would be equipped with water-saving fittings , water would be harvested and stored in tanks , either above or below ground with enclosures to the visible tanks that are integrated with the materials of the buildings.Power generation and harvesting of the energy will be integral to each unit , with battery storage discreetly integrated into the structure so as not to interfere with storage space.Insulation , double glazing and shading is optimised to mitigate seasonal extremes in temperature without having to resort to expensive measures to cool and heat homes.The results point towards the possibilities of smaller homes , that respond to the modern day challenges where efficiency at all levels is the key informant that points towards new possibilities of how to create simple , living solutions that are available to us.

Client: Private Client
Status: Project
Location: Western Cape
Principal: Greg Wright
Architects: Suzaan De Kock, Gert Coetzee
Date: Current