Presidential Archive, Nigeria

Symbolising the sovereign independence of the last 100yrs, The Presidential Archive marks the legacies of each President that have served Nigeria, in this Centenary Project. 

The Presidential Archive provides an impressive backdrop to the Plaza of the 1st Century, where Nigeria’s formidable achievements are showcased to the public, and all VIP’s,  State dignitaries witness key these special State events from the VIP seating provided from terraces overlooking the Plaza.

A protective sheath, a metaphor for the African “shield”, protects the tower from the harsh African sun, where each floor for every past President opens up to the plaza with the current Presidential suite at the very top.



Client: Private Client
Status: Proposal
Location: Nigeria
Principal: Greg Wright
Architects: Fico Pastor, Hermien Greef
Renders: Corne Van Blatt
Date: 2014

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